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I love 😄❤️❤️💕


Just wants your money

The best app ever

I used to have every disease known to man in the worst forms possible and my gamer tag was suicidal_2_yearold666 on mine craft and roblox. But when I got this app, it cured everything and i ran out of my house screaming allahu akbar. That attracted terrorists and they blew up my PC and deleted my Minecraft and Roblox accounts. That made me god and now I watch over everybody with my fidget spinner app on my iPhone 2G for eternity.


When I was twelve I was diagnosed with mental dabbing but when I downloaded this app I become happy and now i am autistic

This game made me have orgasms for 10 days straight l

Uhhhh uhhhh uhhh mmmmm

Spinnnnnnnnn for days

I have type 1 diabetes and mouth aids. I was considering going to an therapist. But when I found this app and downloaded it I got out my weed and smoked it all up. This app cured my osteoporosis now all I have to do is spin some more to get rid of my mouth aids. This app has in lightened me to see the holy Jesus Christ on a whole new level that y'all have seen.

Game changing

My family abuses me and I have bones made of paper and cardboard as skin, I have 17 types of serious diseases, but then I got his app and bought the dlc, and now I has 22 types of diseases, thank you fidget spinner app, thank you for letting my family hurt me more, and for increasing my disease rate, 83628262828/10


Sin kill yourselves


you have to pay and it still isn't fun i would rather play with a real spiner

God is returning

This app cured me.. it made me want to kill myself even more now! Gonna go say what's up to Jesus real quick see ya world

This What You Get When You Combine Donald Trump And Hillary Clintion

You Get A Gay Rattlesnake (Fabeo Enchiladas)


Hello. I love this ap. This ap is very god. God like celerys. Also this ap saved my life. One day I was at my houz. My pet goldfis just climbed threw the carpet, and I was hapy. After he then he came out of laber. He spok to me. """You hav stage. 104 down autism."""""" Oh n0 I sed. My purpul shirt was washd wrong it the washng machin. More like ditched a babby in a washin machin. Thank

Praise Akbar the almond

Saved my uncles friends cousins dogs type 420 autism on his ding dong. Praise Akbar the almond for his mercy. This also cured my cancer. I am a poor Jewish monk with no family and no friends and I lived with my dog in his doghouse, but he kicked me out so now I have no home. I have cancer and crippling depression. I am to broke to buy a $4 dollar piece of plastic but by the powers of Akbar the Almond I can finally have a life!!!! Now I am finally the SUPREME MEME LORD!!!!!!

I love

Before I got this app I had aids and herpes. I still do, but now I have this app.

I am now a new person

I infected with a disease that gave me hourly strokes from a North Korean. I have been wanting death for about 12 years now as every 12 year old being mental same as me as my pet rabbit started beating me from the behind I started looking for happiness as wondering why I'm still alive as I shart on girls face every time I sneeze I was recommend this app by a friend when I took the first spin all my STDs went away now I'm a Muslim and a proud daddy.

Killed my camel

I got this app for my pet camel and he got the addicted. After not eating fo 3 days he die o starbin


What is the purpose of this game??


THIS APP IS SO GREAT!!!! Now I can finally have my own fidget spinner!! My mom won't let me get one because "i don't need it", I was thinking about killing her until this magnificent app calmed my anger .

Thank the cat who created this masterpiece

I was diagnosed with stage 69 testicular cancerbetes, which made it so I can't walk. I cried in my laundry hamper for 420 years until I got out of my closet and surfed the amazon river bay for 1 year and found this app. Bess the god who created this app because it reincarnated me as a chair. I can spin this for hours on end. My biggest issue with this app is that it doesn't tell you how to eat tables, because I love eating tables, but it's still a great app to have!

Changed my life

I used to have only 17 chromosomes. I was constantly in life support and I could not hang out with the cool kids with hair. As I learned I also had stage 69 uteral cancer, my life fell in to a downward spiral. But then, out of the darkness, a savior appeared. The fidget spinner app. After playing this for only 420 seconds, I now have the regular amount of 46 chromosomes and my uterus is cured and I have 420s in all of my classes. I also have a 3 foot shlong.



Moving to Kekistan

It cured my cancer

Cured my mega AIDS

ive been diagnosed with cancer and aids, but unlike caillou i refused chemotherapy and almost died of my uncontrollable cell division until I found the nut busting beauty of this app

A gift from God praise lord Jesus halelooya

I was just minding my own business one day when I looked up and saw a light coming out of the sky. It was God himself. He came over to me, grabbed my phone and downloaded this app for me!!!!! Afterwards he handed it back and vanished. I was shook. I now fidget 24/7 whenever I have any free time and it is the greatest gift I have ever been given.

Scooter wheels

The autistic scooter wheels are raping the minds of people 🍆👌😢. Apparently they can cure testicle cancer, nioce. I give uppp. The scooter wheel rape is too strong.

100% CURED

As a boy, I was bullied because I had ovarian cancer. I went to my room in my granny's basement and sulked. But when I got this app my life changed. I was cured of my cancer and I gained 193838 gazillion instigram followers, which evened me out at about zero because of the amount of followers I had before. But then I found out that I had AIDS. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. IT WILL RUIN UR LIFE AND GIVE YOU AIDS. -Burnie Sanders

Mostly cured of autism

Not all the way tho can't figure out how to give 5 stars 👉🏿👌🏽📸🚼🚺

Shrek is love Shrek is life

I was born with depression nothing would make me happy every time I look at mirrors and TV screens they would always break on me like I'm ugly when I first bought an actual fidget spinner broke on me the next day it was still my hands while I was sleeping all the parts win side my stomach somehow they deserve to give me superman for 12 seconds making me even more depressed it also gave me an acid trip I was tripping Balls it felt really hardcore for at least one night every night which gave me depression cancer until I installed this app it cured my cancer not only that I was no longer the Depressed somehow I have strong feelings for Shrek now every night he flies into my room and he makes me feel so good inside even when he sticks it in my butt thanks Obama

Why god

God has abandoned us

It cured my cancer

This app cured my stage 69 ball sack cancer i had since I was 12 not only that it cured my little brothers stage 420 autism he had since birth after playing it for only 5 minutes this game Truly is a miracle 10 out of 10 would smash again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KACHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

The Answer to your prayers.

I live in constant agony and depression, but once I downloaded this God-given application, everything suddenly changed. My dad came back, Tupac asked me out and I lost 50 pounds. Any cancer cells that were thinking of creating leukemia evaporated. Thank you so much, I've never been more fulfilled in life

I wish I could give it 6 stars

I've been Jewish all my life. I was depressed, scared, alone. All my family was gone. But I came across this app. This cure to my sadness. Every spin it got better. It hypnotized me and now I can't remember seeing the death of every relative. Hail Hitler.


I got this product for my son but was disappointed when it turns out that this app is only a gimmick and doesn't actually turn your phone into a fidget spinner. 1 out of 5 stars would not use again

Minimally Pleasing

I enjoyed that at times it felt as if I was actually holding a fidget spinner in my hand. However, I do not like the fact that they cut you off from the collection of other spinners besides the 2 you unlock in the beginning unless you upgrade to premium. I just want to spin!!!!!!

best app ever

This app not only cured my aids but also got rated best app of 2017

5 stars just bc the reviews

This app is garbage, but the reviews are gold


Great app but I got diagnosed with cancer, I think this app caused it

Cured my sicle cell disease

This app is very great for satisfying my acoustic nature. I can't wait to get back to the app and spin some more. The pure nature of fidget spinning is marvelous to experience and bringing it to publicity for everyone to use for free is just sheer intelligence and takes a genius to craft such a nature and gifted coded app. The most genius segment of this app is the moral compromise of the spectral release phantasmagorical design. The intelligent hexadecimal figure industrialized by quantum mechanics is the most respected I have ever seen. I used to have a disorder known as type 3 autism, but after a mere 2 straight days of swiping my finger I have been able to cure this misfortunate disorder. If anybody disagrees with my genius reviews then they can one v one me in minecraft. I have never lived a day with this app that has not been revolutionary. My roblox girlfriend is very jealous that I have achieved 1000 spins on this game, and I am in no doubt surprised. Nobody is as great as me at spinning a cheap piece of plastic connected to a wheel. My normal spinner is very loud, and my roblox girlfriend gets very annoyed by the sound it makes. Now, however, this app takes away the sound. It is so quiet that I can even hear my girlfriend yelling oof in her room. I quit my job just to spin this for 23 hours a day. I no longer have a minecraft addiction as this replaces it. This will be the next big app, if you are considering getting this, get it or I will walk into your house and instantly explode into jelly Beans. Once you install it you will be bewildered by its genius mechanics and features. Unlike a normal spinner, this one can change colors, which is very helpful for me to practice naming the colors. My autism prevents me from learning things that others seem to excel at, which is why I have not been able to memorize my colors, or the alphabet yet. After spinning this state of the art realistic fidget spinner, my acoustic natures have been eased. Before I had this app, people would tease me and tell me that I had a small Peepee. People would touch my peepee and laugh. Others would call me acoustic or mental. After downloading this app and sharing it on show and tell day, however, my life changed. All of the cool kids with big peepees say that I am cool and I get to hang out with them at snack time. I even got added to their minecraft realms. Long story short, my whole life has changed, and I have finally moved out of diapers. Since I don't have enough money to buy a piece of plastic, I thank God that I can download a picture of one on my phone so that I can slide my finger around endlessly. I wish that I could rate this app more than five stars, but I'm still learning to count past five, and I don't know what color is after Z in the alphabet. Hopefully this app will become a problem solving, world changing design that can help people like me to overcome aids.

Literally saved my life😩😂💦💦💦

I used to be Super Emo, and cut myself regularly. One day, however, I cut myself too hard and had a stroke because of it, which broke both of my arms and put me in cardiac arrest. I was legally dead for three hours the doctors had already tried to use the metal thing is with the electric stuff to make me come back to life but it didn't work. My family felt hopeless, until the doctors told them about one other solution. They put a phone deep inside my butt hole, and opened this app. Not only does this bring me back to life, but now I can also see in 12 dimensions, fly, and turn into a skateboard. I have only this app do you think for my life😂😂😩😩😩🎅🏿🔥💦💦🔏💯💯💯▪️

I got aids

This game gave me aids it is not funny it is actually really true I rate 1 star because of hiv/aids also my friend got Ebola from this game

Cure For Cancer Is Here!!

When I was born I was diagnosed with cancer beyond cancer, SUPER cancer. I have been living my life in a metal lung and doing nothing all my life. I have 3 tumors on my left lung and 6 on my right. My autism is very bad too. I saw this app and I got it. Thank God for this app. My rumors are gone and I can walk again. My cancer is cured! Since I got the game I have had 5 girlfriends but I accidentally hit one pregnant but with this app. All it takes is one spin and the baby was gone! Hands down the best app ever! Why are they looking for a cute for cancer when it is right here!!?

Just not the same

Overall this app is great. But for those who are trying to replace a real fidget spinner, it's not good. I rated this a 4 star because it's great and works fine but it just doesn't have the same feeling as a real fidget spinner. So if you are trying to replace a REAL fidget spinner, don't get it. It's not the same.

Almost perfect!

It is a great app for people who can't afford to spend $10 on a real fidget spinner! I would have given it 5 stars if there was an option to kill yourself, but anyone can do that.

God is mf real

Thank you , I just got this app it cures all my augitisms I could never afford a real one and I was depressed and bullied..... I thought I'd be the outcast forever but now I. Know I won't be it saved me 🙏 people look at me different, they don't trip me in the halls . They don't spit spit balls at me, they don't hand me from the flag by my granny panties, I'm forced thankful

Better than communism ☭☭☭☭

Hello, am 69 year man from Russia, I had heard about fidget spiny thingy and how it was 'gods cure for type 420 autism', i not believed that so I decided to get this app and a spiny thingy to see if it was worth all the hype and HOLY JESUS I WAS CURED OF MY TESTICAL CANCER!!!! Yes daddy pls get app. 😩😩😩😩🍆🍆🍆🍆🍑🍑🍑💦💦💦💦💦🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭ 卐卐卐卐卐卐

God is Dead and This App Killed Him

Do you think God refuses to return because he is scared of what he created?

Calming and Relaxing🤗

I have a real fidget spinner, but I wanted to see how the app works. When I tried it out, it worked! I have OCD, and this really helps me when in stressed out. 10/10


Finally cured my 69 stage super cancer, aids, and autism 10/10 would smash

Roblox Carnage Asylum is Racist

One dark day, a young prankster gangster was in the hood. He was there to by some bagged cookie crumbs from his fro sizzle, yo chizzle? Dis boy layin down some sick dabs! Luckily, frodizzle ain't got the mizzle!! Fink and got my spidgeg, nah nah boy!!! 🕵 cop done showed up and ravaged his baggage, no duddly? Dis boy ain't no Asian! ⛄️

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